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Dombchik got the Exceptional Achievement Honor in Workers' Payment Law & & Practice from his alma mater.

Identified by the California State Bar as a Certified Expert in Employee' Settlement, Mr. Dombchik a "Increasing Star" amongst Southern California lawyers. He began helping the firm while going to night institution at Southwestern University Institution of Legislation, then signed up with full-time after graduation and was called partner in 2005. Dombchik has been called the 2009 President-Elect of the California Candidates' Attorneys Organization (CAAA), a 1,000-member statewide organization that advocates for hurt employees' rights. Dombchik regularly speaks on employees' payment issues to big groups of medical professionals, legal representatives, as well as others in the community.

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By: Adam Dombchik

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Adam Dombchik started supporting for the rights of the injured early in his profession. Dombchik received a Bachelor of Arts level, with honors, from Pennsylvania State University in Speech Communication as well as is authorizeded to engage in law in visit this page California and also Florida. For four years, Legislation & & Politics magazine has named Mr. Mr. Mr. He also rests on CAAA's Executive Board and is a previous head of state of the Southern The golden state chapter. He has actually acted as a delegate to the California State Bar's Meeting of Delegates

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